About George Woodward:


Going to school at the time of Abstract Expressionism, Woodward developed a lifelong appetite for a gestural approach to making art. He works in series, so that one image can comment on another, expand it, contradict it, so his paintings are dialogues. 


He believes that (Anselm) Kiefer’s influence has helped him to present ambiguities. “When I try to understand what’s going on around me, I always find multiple realities. To do honest work, I need ambiguity.” Mixed media give that opportunity: photo image vs. painted image — what we expect vs. what we find — flat surface vs. space — printed text vs. drawn text; there are many ambiguities to employ.


Material: Mixed Media with Monoprint

Size: 22 1/2” X 30”

Price: $ 1,200


*If you have any inquiries about other art pieces from George Woodward

please contact us by email info@brannerspangenberggallery.com

4 Elements - Only in the Plural by George Woodward



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