Artist Statement:


The human form is fascinating to me, and all of my images begin while drawing from direct observation. The materials I use include ink, watercolor, transfers, collage and graphite on watercolor paper torn into small pieces.  More recently, repurposed fabric and thread might be incorporated using handwork techniques. 


There is a direct relationship between the transforming image on the page and the moving person in front of me. Over time, my process while in front of the model has developed to be spontaneous, intuitive and energetic.  I travel to numerous locations locally and beyond where a model is available. There is no substitute; drawing the figure from a photograph is dead for me.


My mentor at Arizona State University, Arthur Hahn, offered artistic anatomy based on detailed, structural knowledge gained from dissecting a cadaver. I experienced his process firsthand, and developed a firm grounding in the static detail of the body. I earned a BFA magna cum laude with a drawing emphasis. Experience with the fiber arts of on-loom and off-loom weaving, textile design and printing, and wall painting called lazure, are other strong interests that manifest in the colorful, overlapping shapes and entwined lines that hold together my images. Suggestion and uncertainty play a big part in my images, generally requiring a second look from the viewer. Surprising myself and watching a mystery develop on paper are the qualities that hold me to image creation.


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